Thesis –
Experiment 2

Postcard (2021)

The fall semester of senior year, we had to make two experiments for thesis. It’s a time for us to explore what we want to focus on in our thesis, but it could also be a time for people to start creating what they have always imagined their thesis to be.

Experiment 1 I learned the history of the postcard, researching what the first ever stamp was, the first ever postcard, and how postcards have changed over time. The time between Experiment 1 and 2, I had a long call with a friend. After learning the history of postcards, my friend suggested I looked at the why... Why did I like postcards so much? She also told me to look at On Kawara’s I Got Up project.

Postcard are not only a tool for communciation, but also acts as a collection and shows a timeline of memories. For Experiment 2 I wanted to make my own postcards! I often find it hard to start a conversation, so I wanted the postcards do that. On the back of the postcard includes a postcard that links to the starting thought on the front of the postcard.

Experiment 2 is a project that helped me to move forward with my thesis. After the mid-spring semester critique, I was challenged to find a way to open the project up to more people.

For more information on my final thesis, click here for To You.