Hi :-)

WHO: Me, Misty Lin! (Current hair color: Magenta)

WHAT: Graphic designer! I specialize and enjoy anything editorial (reading, design, and bookbinding), analogue (calligraphy and screenprinting), and the topics of memory and communication.

WHEN: I’ll be graduating from Parsons School of Design, majoring in Communication Design, in 2021 after my two summer classes.

WHERE: Born, raised, and still live in New York City!

WHY: When I was a kid I loved collecting markers and even taught myself brush lettering after watching DIY card videos online. With the support of my family, I applied to Parsons. I’ll never forget my parents saying, “Do what makes you happy. As long as you’re doing what you love, we will always support you.” With that support, I try to do the same for the people around me. I’m learning to embrace my misteakes, as mistea (misty) :-)